I worked with Jessica for a couple of years and was always so impressed with the level of creativity and talent that she displayed time and again. She could visualize a design, then bring it to life and take your breath away. If you gave her an idea, she executed it in a way that never disappointed and instead, exceeded all your expectations. She has an amazing gift and has only scratched the surface of her capabilities. I really hope to work with Jess again someday.
-Renee Coughlin



As a young professional scientist, I must deliver complex messages quickly and efficiently. Earlier this year, I went to a national conference in my field, and Jess helped me convey my doctoral thesis information to a wide audience (scientists and non-scientists alike). I certainly grasped the content, but struggled to produce an aesthetically pleasing layout that helped convey my message. After only a few questions, Jess was able to give me a unique, professional platform to work with. Even better: Jess took the time to explain what she was doing, and why. I never realized how important seemingly small details were, and they made a difference. Although all the same material was still there, the important messages seemed to “pop out” and become clearer. I actually received several congratulatory comments on the design and even a small monetary prize!
-Josh Magee



Jessica, it was so satisfying to work with you.  I came to you with a general idea and no technical or artistic expertise. You listened to what we were trying to convey and created something attractive and fun that went beyond my imagination.  And you did it with an almost-non-existent turn-around time.  How did you do it all?  Are you magic?  We definitely want to work with you again!
 ~ Rev. Tandi Rogers, Unitarian Universalist Association Growth Strategist



I absolutely LOVED my wedding monogram.  My Maid of Honor worked with Jessica to surprise me with a monogram created just for our wedding that was suited for the color, style and overall look of our wedding, while making sure it reflected my and my now husband’s personalities.    Jessica made it extremely easy by providing the monogram in different files and in both color and black & white.  Then, we just used it on anything and everything having to do with the wedding including:  save the dates, water bottles, bubbles, menus, hotel bags, website, programs, etc.   She really couldn’t have made it any easier.  Having a monogram made just for us and our wedding really helped make our special day stand out as more than just a party, but a celebration of our relationship together.   I highly recommend working with Jessica to make your wedding or event customized and special for you.   – Stephanie



I worked with Jess on a large creative project with extremely tight deadlines. Not only does she work great under pressure, the quality of work was phenomenal. She is very talented and a joy to work with. I look forward to working with her again in the future. – Charlie Callahan



The graphic designer I have used for years recently got a full time job and was unable to help me with my projects. Luckily for me, I had worked with Jessica in the past and she started her freelance business at the same time. Knowing her work is great and having had only positive and fun experiences working together, I gave her the projects without hesitation. She designed a promotional piece and a calendar for me and I have to say I loved what she came up with for both on the first pass! I couldn’t be happier with the results and will definitely continue to work with her and will highly recommend her to my friends and colleagues who are in need of a graphic designer! – Geoffrey Tischman



Jessica did my wedding invitations on short notice. They were beautiful. She is one of the few people who can take what someone says and turn it into what they want. – Anita Sanders



Jessica Ferguson is a great person to work with, not just because she’s very good at what she does (and she is), but because she has a passion for her work that is infectious. Her love for what she does carries through into her designs and makes any project she’s involved with that much better. She’s really just the bee’s knees. – Morgan Morse


I worked with Jessica for many years at Best Friends Pet Care, Inc. Jessica was an instrumental part of our support team. She was a key member of our client email group, contributing graphic design, specifications, and insight in putting together emails for our clients. I highly recommend Jessica and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again! – Neil Camhi



I worked with Jess to design a monogram logo for my best friend’s wedding as a gift from me since I was the Maid of Honor. From start to finish the process took just a few emails back and forth. Before I knew it, I had reviewed a draft, discussed changes and previewed color options. She really made the process as simple and easy as can be. My bride loved the monogram logo and used it throughout her wedding. I highly recommend Jess as a designer for really anything! I will definitely be a return customer. – Ayllene A. Gocmen